Saturday, May 4, 2013

RV Art Mobile Test Run

I've gone out to the KOA this weekend to test out the RV with Djinnaya.  I figure that if something went wrong, I'd only be about 5 miles away from Lubbock and could get help.  Mine is the runty RV amidst a forest of high tech ones. These people with 5 little Yorkies gave me lots of tips of how to set up the sewage, water etc.  So although the sewage line fits, it's pretty dry and crusty and short, I'll need at least a 15 foot one. Put a new gasket in the intake water line, but it's still dripping a bit. I think I need to take off the fitting and change out all the gaskets. There are a bunch of little things that need fixed, like cabinets, the gaskets in the shower and the window glazing.   Have eggs in the fridge, some fans going (as it was REALLY cold last night--I needed the sleeping bag. And the heater and hot water heater was the only things I didn't figure out how to light. LOL).

So next will be the big test drive to San Antonio taking down my flying machines to a show.  That's really worrisome, I just want to make sure I get there!!!

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  1. Love it! Where's the puppy dog??