Sunday, June 7, 2015

It's going to be HELL ON WHEELS

So it is June 7th, a warm Sunday morning, and I thought that I had better pre-pack the Vardo to make sure I'm going to get 10 Fish Bomb Boat paper sculptures, popup canopy, food, 2 dogs, and a folding bicycle in it in preparation for my exhibit in Fort Worth Community Arts Center. I had intended to pre-pack and remove them all, since in this heat, I didn't think it would be wise to put shellac impregnated paper in a hot vehicle. Well 2 hot and sweaty hours later, the Vardo it packed.

And well, shit, I'm not taking it out. Most of the time was spend trying to get the big pot bellied latest FBB in the door. Of course, stupid artist thinks about art, and not anything practical, like getting the sculpture through a doorway!. Twisting, and contorting and struggling for a half hour got a 3foot wide sculpture through a two foot wide doorway :()

One side did get a tiny bit damaged, but I figured why damage more getting it out and then back in on the real pack. I'll take some paper, glue, henna etc to FW (I always to anyway) and repair it on location.

So after that comedy of cluster-fuck, I decided to leave it all. I've attached some pics.

Still have to put the dogs, bicycle, and any other stuff I can.

And yes, tomorrow, I take it down to the garage to have it looked at and inspected.

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