Thursday, November 28, 2013

Art work from the residencies-Anderson Center

Anderson Center Work:

While I was getting started and accustomed to the shop and surroundings, I began working in way similar to my flying machines. Just to get producing until I figured out what I wanted to do.  I stretched paper on small frames and did free association henna drawings. Tim, Greta, Marjo, and Beth also contributed to the pieced.  I strung them up and have decided that they are going to end up being a free floating accordion fold artist book.  This I think I want to continue developing.

I then began casting textures that I acquired in white cotton.  This developed into the book, 'the texture thief'.  I also want to continue to develop these cast books. 

With a previous residency where I did not have a press, I cut very small linos (approx 2 sq inches) that I could print by hand.  I again started with this same techniques cutting a variety of objects in a free association.  Again, this was to begin working, while I investigated other ideas.

As I began to print in the shop, I did a series of pieces, drypoints, mezzotint, relief of the areas surrounding me. Also some transfer books.

My final weeks, I began to photo and film in the unique tunnels below the center. 

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