Monday, January 6, 2014

Two Months for Twenty-Four seconds

Before I went to the residencies, I spent a great deal of time in the TTU library media lab digitizing my flying machines.  The end section of the video is the digitized airship. I compressed the video considerable and there are some small flaws. To see a cleaner version of the video, go to:

This is a video interpretation of my current work. I began the flying machines, the Fish Bomb Boats with an invitation to a show, No Danger. The show asked us to reconnect with flying as cultural exchange rather than terror. I reexamined what has been given to the peoples that do not comply with US foreign/economic policy and what they are given in return. From there I explored the airships as a symbol for our interaction with the world. In order to facilitate dissemination of the physical airships, I embarked upon a program to digitize the airships and for them to fly in a virtual realm. This digitizing required two months of work and is at the end of the 4 minute video. It lasts 24 seconds.. All of this is set upon the backdrop of 2 virtual fly throughs that simulate standing on one of my flying machines.

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