Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 2 set up continued

I've caught Jester and Djinnaya making illicit posts on my computer. I wonder what else they do when I'm away.

FW is so fucking miserably hot. Since they bark at everything, I can't leave them in their crates under the canopy. Also it may be illegal.  I locked them in the vardo with the fans on, and the overhead fan. I figured I could get most of the show up by noon and it wouldn't be too hot yet.

Shit, when I came back it must have been 90 in the Vardo, even with the fans on. Jester came bolting out, and I couldn't find DJ. She wasn't in the Vardo. At first I thought she had pushed a window out to get out, I'm looking under the bed. It's not like there are many places that she could hide.

After frantic yelling and banging on the windows, she came out from the front seat. I guess she was doing a Travis and sitting in the front seat watching for my return.

I did feel so horrible that I turned the garden hose on them both and took them for a long walk. Then I turned the AC on and took a snooze.

A breaker tripped and everything went off. The Vardo heats up pretty fast without the AC on.
Did lots of flipping of switches and check the outside breaker. I'm not sure which tripped or why, only the AC and fridge were on. Finally got it on.

This is going to be a miserable 8 more days if this keeps happening.

Below: jiggy mirror for the folding bike. Hey it works and was two dollars

To hot to eat, but have to eat something. Gross ramen.

This really is glorified camping. After all day in the FW sun, the water is too hot to wash with. 

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