Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Leaks and Floods abound

I can't believe it, she is so insensitive.

The pack mate locked us in jail when she biked off to do whatever she does. She better get back since the rains are coming.

Well finally back, stomping around and battening the hatches--just in time. 

I think Djinnaya peed in her crate.

No I didn't

The thunder and rains started. 

Stupid pack mate wouldn't even go inside the camper.

Well not until we were all up to our ankles in water. 
We had smartly retreated under the camper but she was still stomping about doing stuff.

Finally went in and settled down.

OH NO a leak in the roof. Or may when she resealed it, she painted over the AC condensation unit. 

Regardless, Better fix it.

View from the safety of the Vardo.

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