Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Set up

She left us in the crates forever!!!

Well we were bathed in AC in the gallery, but still!

After arriving at the FWCAC, the long insufferable waiting till she unpacked all of the artwork, sorting, repairing etc. Can she be any stupider, she dropped some pliers on a airship and they punched through some paper.

Such swearing! And how many hours that took---uggh. She finally finished and we went off to find the RV place.

Then the shit just kept happening:

Hooked up the water, but forgot that all the valves were open from the winter. Swearing, running around turning stuff off. Unhooked it since it leaks too much. might be leaking from the defunct hot water heater down the inside of the vardo.

Electricity wouldn't work. Shit!. Just checked it 2 days ago when she got the oil changed. Swearing and stomping off to get the managers brother. After much poking and prodding and flipping of switches they got the electricity to go. but still no AC.

She just left us outside while she's hauling stuff around.

Sewage finally hooked up OK--left handed threads, go figure. But really, Glad we get to just take a walk and poop where we want. She better find a cafe everyday.LOL

Put the pop up together---well at least something seemed uneventful, except for all the flies that decided to hang out there while she got it together. Must be the cramped quarters and all the funky sewage lines all over the place.

I think it was like 3 hours of all this crap. finally got the AC working and she didn't even eat. fed us and went to bed. 

I think we should be relatively good for a few days. Hours at least. she seems cranky. must be the heat.

J and DJ

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