Monday, July 6, 2015

Saved from the heat and learned a lot about my RV to boot

So Monday and guess what, another hot day in Fort Worth. Go figure. at least there is a breeze. Called the gallery to check in. But until we do the lights on Thursday, really nothing to do.

Took the dogs down to the Trinity River spillway again and let them splash around. I'll have to bring my long cables and let them really frolic in the water. Unfortunately can't let them off leash--totally untrustworthy.

Came back and finally the WiFi was back up. One of the residents, had introduced himself when I first got there, and saw him on the way back from the laundry room. Asked me what I was doing for lunch and off we went to discover something to eat in FW. He very nicely let the dogs stay in his large AC'd RV.

So ate at the

Reminded me of Pulp Fiction and the 12 dollar shakes. 12 dollar burgers (I had veggie), but REALLY good. what was even more interesting was the museum attached it it.  I had never heard of Leonards, but from 1918 to 1967 it was like the Walmart of a bygone age. It was so huge--covered 6 city blocks, that it had its own subway system, and during the depression printed its own currency.

And lastly, after spending the afternoon in his spacious RV watch the movie Focus with the dogs, he gave me so great RV advise, concerning bypassing the leaking hotwater tank, the the very out of date propane tank--its from 1988--think I better retire it. Put a small fan in the air out from the fridge to cool it down, and a small fan inside the fridge to circulate the air better. (My fridge makes great ice, but isn't that cool.)

And the cherry on top, he gave me a beautiful perfectly preserved mouse skeleton.

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