Saturday, August 31, 2013

Digitizing Fish Bomb Boats

For as much as I enjoy making and exhibiting the Fish Bomb Boats, they are problematic to ship and exhibit.

I have begun to digitize my flying machine using a Next Engine 3D scanner.  It scans solid objects rather well, but the fins and more transparent pieces are problematic.  In this first piece, I digitized the pieces individually and then reassembled the airship in Maya. I had plenty of help from the Library technician who knows Maya, 3DSMax quite well. We then animated the parts of the machine, and have created a stereoscopic or 3D camera in Maya, further animated that and have exported the short 10 second film.

I have created an environment in Vue Infinite and brought that into Maya with the flying machine.  We have animated that is well, but the next step will try to create stereoscopic cameras in Vue and export a full 3D clip.

The current clip can be viewed with 3D passive glasses, red green or non at all.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Magic Vardo in Cloudcroft

I tested the solar panels with the Vardo in Cloudcroft camping. Although the mountains and campsite are heavily wooded there was still about 9 hours of usable sunlight a day.  Mainly used the batteries to charge up people's cell phones.  Did use the lights and the fan a bit.