Monday, October 14, 2013

Stuff happens everyday

but I'm such a loser, I forget to post. Or soaking in the tub reading Botany of Desire wins out.

Recycled horse sculpture

Inspirational duck float

A magic portal, I think

Suicidal Beetles

We went to this rural farm in Wisconsin on a tuesday night. I though we were driving out to meet Ed Geen. But no, there was a woodfired pizza place on the farm that made pizza's once a week, using thier farm veggies.  Really Amazing.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

jumping from the blue tube

We have very few days of autumn weather left. So after I got my boots, I did a bit a filming. There's quite a nice sculpture garden here, and I spied these giant blue tubes on the ground.  What a filming op!. I can film my self inter-dimensional traveling through the big blue tubes. So as I came back from photo bike ride. (I'm making a book called 30 leave before they are gone), I saw the giant blue tubes being loaded on a truck or something. So I biked over and interrupted them and asked if they were taking the tubes away. No, they were putting them on their stands.  I was horrified.  My filming op was disappearing into the realm of art.  They hadn't finished today, so I set up the camera, stripped down to my tights, and spent about an hour jumping and rolling out of the blue tubes. The green grass and my purple hair is rather fetching.  Quite sore now and think I'll go soak in the tub.

Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

Since Oct. 1, I have been in Minnesota at the Anderson Center, an artist residence. I should probably post every day, but I'm quite the dud, just in my studio, staring at the basking turtle, remembering that trees turn colors when autumn arrives.

when I can't figure out what to do, I draw with henna on paper and hang them in trees.  I moved them to the house how.  
Red wing had its annual warehouse sale. Yes, we all got boots.