Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Leaks and Floods abound

I can't believe it, she is so insensitive.

The pack mate locked us in jail when she biked off to do whatever she does. She better get back since the rains are coming.

Well finally back, stomping around and battening the hatches--just in time. 

I think Djinnaya peed in her crate.

No I didn't

The thunder and rains started. 

Stupid pack mate wouldn't even go inside the camper.

Well not until we were all up to our ankles in water. 
We had smartly retreated under the camper but she was still stomping about doing stuff.

Finally went in and settled down.

OH NO a leak in the roof. Or may when she resealed it, she painted over the AC condensation unit. 

Regardless, Better fix it.

View from the safety of the Vardo.

Show is Lit and ready to go

I biked in briefly to look at the lighting of my show. Looks great. But had to get home as the rains were coming.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Saved from the heat and learned a lot about my RV to boot

So Monday and guess what, another hot day in Fort Worth. Go figure. at least there is a breeze. Called the gallery to check in. But until we do the lights on Thursday, really nothing to do.

Took the dogs down to the Trinity River spillway again and let them splash around. I'll have to bring my long cables and let them really frolic in the water. Unfortunately can't let them off leash--totally untrustworthy.

Came back and finally the WiFi was back up. One of the residents, had introduced himself when I first got there, and saw him on the way back from the laundry room. Asked me what I was doing for lunch and off we went to discover something to eat in FW. He very nicely let the dogs stay in his large AC'd RV.

So ate at the

Reminded me of Pulp Fiction and the 12 dollar shakes. 12 dollar burgers (I had veggie), but REALLY good. what was even more interesting was the museum attached it it.  I had never heard of Leonards, but from 1918 to 1967 it was like the Walmart of a bygone age. It was so huge--covered 6 city blocks, that it had its own subway system, and during the depression printed its own currency.

And lastly, after spending the afternoon in his spacious RV watch the movie Focus with the dogs, he gave me so great RV advise, concerning bypassing the leaking hotwater tank, the the very out of date propane tank--its from 1988--think I better retire it. Put a small fan in the air out from the fridge to cool it down, and a small fan inside the fridge to circulate the air better. (My fridge makes great ice, but isn't that cool.)

And the cherry on top, he gave me a beautiful perfectly preserved mouse skeleton.

The Show is Hung

The internet has been down for 24 hours due to someone hitting a fiber optic cable.

But the show was hung yesterday. Think I gave myself a bit too much time. It's only Monday, I'm hot, bored and finished. We do the lights thursday and the show opens Friday.

Ho hum its 1pm 89 degrees. Maybe I'll take the dogs for another hot and sweaty walk.

Pics later.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

July 4 Nothing To Do

We got to go on a LONG walk this morning. 8:30 AM 85 degrees already. Amazing just over the bridge and river it's a different world. Nothing to sniff at---there's not a plethora of stray dogs spraying all over the place in our neighborhood.

The two legged packmate got totally pissed when Jester marked on the canopy today---what does she expect. Everyone is marking everywhere. It was over 90 when we got back. 11am and just hanging out in the laundry room for the AC and wifi.

Tomorrow will get a taxi and take the dogs in to the gallery to finish.

Friday, July 3, 2015

What she was up to

Well we stole her 'puter again and look what we found. This is what she was doing when we were locked in the Vardo for 4 hours.


It's overcast today. Amazing how the temp drops when the sun's hidden! Still hot and humid, but just not debilitating. Long walk on Trinity Trails

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 2 set up continued

I've caught Jester and Djinnaya making illicit posts on my computer. I wonder what else they do when I'm away.

FW is so fucking miserably hot. Since they bark at everything, I can't leave them in their crates under the canopy. Also it may be illegal.  I locked them in the vardo with the fans on, and the overhead fan. I figured I could get most of the show up by noon and it wouldn't be too hot yet.

Shit, when I came back it must have been 90 in the Vardo, even with the fans on. Jester came bolting out, and I couldn't find DJ. She wasn't in the Vardo. At first I thought she had pushed a window out to get out, I'm looking under the bed. It's not like there are many places that she could hide.

After frantic yelling and banging on the windows, she came out from the front seat. I guess she was doing a Travis and sitting in the front seat watching for my return.

I did feel so horrible that I turned the garden hose on them both and took them for a long walk. Then I turned the AC on and took a snooze.

A breaker tripped and everything went off. The Vardo heats up pretty fast without the AC on.
Did lots of flipping of switches and check the outside breaker. I'm not sure which tripped or why, only the AC and fridge were on. Finally got it on.

This is going to be a miserable 8 more days if this keeps happening.

Below: jiggy mirror for the folding bike. Hey it works and was two dollars

To hot to eat, but have to eat something. Gross ramen.

This really is glorified camping. After all day in the FW sun, the water is too hot to wash with. 

Explorations after Day 2 set up

Look what we found on the walk. Djinnaya wasn't nearly as excited as I was.--Jester.

Yeah, he a big dope---that goose was serious, and you though it wanted to play.-Djinnay

Wow! look what I found

I have a dog-bell at my house. They have a goose-bell.

The Set up

She left us in the crates forever!!!

Well we were bathed in AC in the gallery, but still!

After arriving at the FWCAC, the long insufferable waiting till she unpacked all of the artwork, sorting, repairing etc. Can she be any stupider, she dropped some pliers on a airship and they punched through some paper.

Such swearing! And how many hours that took---uggh. She finally finished and we went off to find the RV place.

Then the shit just kept happening:

Hooked up the water, but forgot that all the valves were open from the winter. Swearing, running around turning stuff off. Unhooked it since it leaks too much. might be leaking from the defunct hot water heater down the inside of the vardo.

Electricity wouldn't work. Shit!. Just checked it 2 days ago when she got the oil changed. Swearing and stomping off to get the managers brother. After much poking and prodding and flipping of switches they got the electricity to go. but still no AC.

She just left us outside while she's hauling stuff around.

Sewage finally hooked up OK--left handed threads, go figure. But really, Glad we get to just take a walk and poop where we want. She better find a cafe everyday.LOL

Put the pop up together---well at least something seemed uneventful, except for all the flies that decided to hang out there while she got it together. Must be the cramped quarters and all the funky sewage lines all over the place.

I think it was like 3 hours of all this crap. finally got the AC working and she didn't even eat. fed us and went to bed. 

I think we should be relatively good for a few days. Hours at least. she seems cranky. must be the heat.

J and DJ

Djinnaya and Jester chiming in

We will be posting from now on.

The packmate with the Crazy Wagon, has lost it. You won't believe what has happened in the last 2 days. 

She went off in search of WiFi, so we are sucking up free AC in the Laundry Room of the Green Acres RV park, while she does whatever it is she does on the 'puter.


PS. from SE: can't get wifi in the vardo. So I sit in the laundry room with the beasts and do posts. Also the AC is better her. And roomier!!

Green Acres is the Place to Be

So I am putting up my show in Fort Worth. Semi disaster after another. No, I really shouldn't say that,  maybe my incompetence or just the fates.

So although I didn't sleep well the night of the 30, I got up at 2:45 and was on the road by 3:30, but Laredo taco company at the Stripes wasn't serving yet. I so like my coffee and egg, potato and cheese tacos when I'm on the road.

Took Marsha Sharp 82 towards Crosbyton. It was rather uneventful, well desolate I should say rumbling through all those little towns at 4am. Idalou, Lorenzo, Rawls, Crosbyton.

I was freaked out that I would hit a deer, only saw one, but it unnerved me enough. From like Dickens on, there is like, NO gas to be had. Luckily in Benjamin a small little place with terrible local coffee was open at 6. Then on to Seymour where I started South to Fort Worth.

Of course driving the Vardo into FW was also unnerving. Stopped a bunch of times to consult the driving directions, trying to elicit help from a Hispanic mechanic, but to no avail. But did make fine time arriving at the FW Community Art Center by 10:30 am.

Then of course crap started happening. But that is for another post.